venerdì 25 novembre 2016


Lauren Rautenbach from South Africa

“I see the world as a collage of fragments captured through the lens. I am inspired by my city and by the history of South Africa, and in all that I do I search for the everyday moments which remind me of my humanity and which illustrate the beauty of living with diversity. I immortalise these moments with the click of the shutter, and this is the reason why I am a photographer before anything else.

In between lapses of self-imposed exile while reading and writing, or encountering the world through my lens, I work with an NGO called Brothers for All in Langa, Cape Town, where we help to break the poverty-crime cycle that characterises so many impoverished communities in South Africa by providing offenders, ex-offenders and vulnerable youth with aspirational technology skills. My photography is used to portray the students and the townships in a different, more positive light.”  kujaja

All images © Lauren Rautenbach

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