giovedì 2 marzo 2017


Albert Harlingue, born in Paris in 1879, opened his photographic studio , located at 5 rue Seveste in the 18th district of Paris, in 1905. Starting in the early 20th century, he photographed celebrities and Parisian political and artistic events. The Harlingue illustration agency also reproduced and distributed archival documents from various sources. In 1914, Harlingue enlisted as sergeant in a photographic unit. He took photographs for it both outside (enlistment of reservists in July 1914, the cabins and the trenches) and inside (the circles of the wounded, countryside hospitals). Albert Harlingue photographed the war, the soldiers of that war and the wounded veterans with facial injuries just as he photographed daily life: close-up and with empathy. After his return to Paris, he took up his work again as a photo reporter, working on into the fifties. He died in Paris in 1964.

All images © Albert Harlingue

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