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Jonathan Torgovnik. Photographer. Isreal.
In 1994, in the East African nation of Rwanda, one million ethnic Tutsi people were slaughtered, in a genocide committed by their Hutu countrymen. But the scars left by these murderous militiamen go well beyond the numbers of the dead: they live on, in the lives of the women they held captive, raped - and left pregnant.

In Rwanda, in 1994, Hutu militia committed a bloody genocide, murdering one million Tutsis. Many of the Tutsi women were spared, only to be held captive and repeatedly raped. Many became pregnant. Intended Consequences tells their stories. See the project at

Intended Consequences tells the stories of some of these women, victims of the sexual violence used as a weapon of war against them. Some 20,000 children were born as a result. Photojournalist Jonathan Torgovnik photographed and interviewed 30 women and their families, and has produced a piece of incredible complexity: how does a woman care for her child when it's the son or daughter of the man who raped her?

Photography & Interviews: Jonathan Torgovnik
Producer: Chad A. Stevens
Executive Producer: Brian Storm
On-Location Video: Jules Shell
Studio Video: Bob Sacha, Chad A. Stevens
Original Music: Pamela Chen, Sherman Jia
Graphics: Tim Klimowicz
Translation: Geoffrey Ngiruwonsanga
Narration: Rosette Adera, Yvette Rugasaguhunga, Hope Kantete
Translation: Portuguese: Leandro Badalotti, Israel Krindges


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