venerdì 21 ottobre 2016


Denis Buchel was born in 1979 in Kishinev, Moldova. Photography he has taken up at the beginning of 2007. Various photos have already been published in Bulgarian and in international editions –  in China, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, Izrael, Italy, Spain, the USA, Thailand, Poland and others.
 Since May 2014 he has been a member of the Bulgarian Academy of Photography Yanka Kyurkchieva.
A FIAP member since the beginning of 2015.

All images © Denis Buchel

mercoledì 19 ottobre 2016


Carole PAMPOULIE was born in Toulouse, France, in 1973. She moved to Panama five years ago. She works professionally as a Psychoanalyst, and at the same time she does important photography work.
Carole has been fascinated by photography since she was very young, exploring her grandfather Paul´s travel brochures from Indonesia, Cambodia and Mauritania.
She was soon fascinated by black and white photographs, discovering in these faded images subjective histories of men, women and children in their natural environment. Concentrating on these faded and forgotten faces, Carole increasingly attempts to capture the Expression.
In each of these picture portraits or street photographs, Carole is deeply focused on their photographic composition, and with a play of lights, tries to put on stage the black and white contrasts of the faces she captures.
Carole follows a guiding thread in her photography work, that in that original search for an encounter with another, she allows herself to be surprised, and that in that photographic instant, claims an emotion.
Here the photography is like an invitation to a journey by canoe: “One day my grandmother told me that the most beautiful part of a person could be found in the current of a ghost river…
“Then I asked her what that ghost river was, and she responded, that is what you are now, my little girl, it is all you want to forget as you grow up, however it is all that you will never stop being…
“From each moment that I take a photograph, I now know for each one, what is the current I search for.” carolepampoulie

All images © Carole Pampoulie

lunedì 17 ottobre 2016


Though I discovered Daniel Berehulak only two years ago, I instantly became amazed by his photos. This Australian photojournalist based in New Delhi has been traveling the world to document stories affecting the lives of people in over fifty countries. From the Iraq War to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, from the Afghan elections to the Japanese Tsunami, Berehulak has immortalized events and instants that have shaped our world modern history.

All images © Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images



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