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"Excerpt From Article About Elena On "Bored"
These wonderful photographs by Elena Shumilova plunge the viewer into a beautiful world that revolves around two boys and their adorable dog, cat, duckling and rabbit friends. Taking advantage of natural colors, weather conditions and her enchanting surroundings, the gifted Russian artist creates cozy and heartwarming photography that will leave you amazed.
The boys in the photographs are the photographer’s sons and the animals belong to the farm she runs. “I largely trust my intuition and inspiration when I compose photos. I get inspired mainly by my desire to express something I feel, though I usually cannot tell exactly what that is” Shumilova explained to BoredPanda.
Rural settings, natural phenomena and the changing seasons seem to be the greatest stimuli in her works. “When shooting I prefer to use natural light – both inside and outside. I love all sorts of light conditions – street lights, candle light, fog, smoke, rain and snow – everything that gives visual and emotional depth to the image,” the photographer said.
Shumilova told us her passion for photography manifested in early 2012 when she got her first camera. Her most recent equipment includes the Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and a 135mm lens. As a mother who doesn’t want to miss out on her growing children, she says she shoots every day and processes the images at night. 
Elena Shumilova vive a Andreapol, in una fattoria in Russia. Due anni fa riceve in regalo la sua prima macchina fotograficaprofessionale, una Canon Eos 5D, con cui – come ogni madre – comincia a catturare attimo per attimo la crescita dei suoi due bambini. 

Abitando in campagna i piccoli hanno un folto gruppo di amici, composto da 
cani, gatti, paperelle, conigli... Con cui si è instaurato da subito un forte legame, che continua a crescere e che è testimoniato dagli scatti di Elena che compongono la raccolta Wild Boy e che stanno facendo il giro del web. vanityfair

All images © Elena Shumilova 


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Βorn in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, in 1953, to Greek parents who were expatriates in Alikarnassos, Asia Minor. As his father, George Markoglou was an established artistic photographer, he was inducted into the magical world of photography at an early age. Next to his father, young Dimitrios was taught the techniques of the dark room, black & white and coloured photography, retouching negatives, shooting in studios, artistic portrait photography… Professionally he worked on shoots, video capturing-editing picture and sound, as well as on the advertising photography field.
In the last ten years he has turned to the graphic arts, along with photography and he runs his own business in Heraklion. He is a member of the Hellenic Photographic Society in Heraklion and since 2005 he has been taking part in international competitions, upholding the tradition and the records of his family in photography. He has won 29 golden, 13 silver, and 11 bronze awards, 75 diplomas and medals as well as 955 acceptances in 244 international artistic competitions under the auspices of FIAP and PSA worldwide. Photographs of his have been published in numerous photography magazines and printouts. In 2008 he won the first award of best collection and a personal exhibition of his work was held in Budapest, Hungary, from 27/9/08 to 6/10/08. In the same year he was a judge in the 2nd international exhibition, organized by the local photographic club in Celje of Slovenia and he was honoured with 1 star for his coloured, black & white and digital photographs by the Photographic Society of America (PSA). In September 2010 he was awarded the title of A.FIAP (artist photographer) by the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP).
In winder 2009-2010 he was in charge of a group of amateur photographers, all members of the Hellenic Photographic Society of Heraklion. The aim was to explore the depths of the art of photography and that project was completed successfully. Also, in July 2010 he was a judge in the Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of Artistic Photography, organized by the Hellenic Photographic Society of Heraklion. In September 2010 his first personal exhibition took place in Heraklion of Crete, at the st. Mark's Basilica, consisting of 135 artistic photographs, printed on canvas. One year later was followed by the second exhibition, in the exhibition place of Famagusta Gate in Nicosia.
He is married to Christina Zervou, who is also involved in photography, and they have two children, George and Eva.

All images © Dimitrios Markoglou


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French-Moroccan artist Leila Alaoui has always been fascinated by the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of her native country. Inspired by the aesthetic and approach of Robert Frank’s The Americans and Richard Avedon’s In the American West, she started traveling through Morocco with her portable portrait studio, documenting the people she met along the way. Her ongoing project, “The Moroccans,” is a celebration of her countrymen and heritage.
Alaoui’s project is complicated by the fact that Moroccans are particularly apprehensive about being photographed. “Most Moroccans grow up hearing stories of witchcraft and are often afraid of the ‘evil eye.’ It is commonly believed that one can throw a spell at someone by using his or her photograph,” Alaoui said via email. “Moroccans are also tired of being photographed by Westerners as ‘exotic’ subjects and have grown to react aggressively towards anyone who wants to photograph them without permission.”

All images © Leila Alaoui


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