giovedì 24 aprile 2014


“I am a freelance photo-trekker & writer, living in Pakistan, enjoying freedom of the road & the joy & thrill of adventure. Stung by wanderlust and a passion for everything that's beautiful, i began wandering in the Himalayas And the Karakurrums and quit teaching for photography and writing. Photography Is the appreciation of beauty and an expression of inner self and a mystic experience! I get inspired by life and its amazing diversity. I have a strong faith in cultures and colors, they guide me. I also get inspiration from within my self and from other artists' works. I wish to capture as much as i can, before my senses become senseless and eyes fail to see the light! Besides Photography, I love art, literature and world music. Currently busy for national and international photo assignments and collecting photographs and stories for my book. “

All images © Umair Ghani

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