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Joe Machine was one of the founder members of the first Stuckist group in 1999. He has been featured in all the major Stuckist shows. He comes from a Romany background on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Childhood exposure to pornography and violence in his locality have led to ongoing personal issues, which are evident in his work. As a young man his involvement in crime such as burglary led to periods in youth offenders' prisons. He credits art as his way out of this lifestyle. He is married with two children. Joe Machine's work is done with acrylic paint often using many glazes to achieve an effect which can look like oil. The image of sailors from maritime Sheerness often feature, and were a source of childhood fascination. Sometimes he depicts himself in these costumes. There is a strong presence of sex and violence, as well as elements of homo-eroticism. One of his concerns is the violence that comes from repressed homosexual urges in young men. Some of the violence scenes, such as a man with a stomach knife wound, are based on incidents he has witnessed. Other themes are his family, and, in some of his earlier work, a childhood encounter with actress Diana Dors which created a lingering fascination.


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