giovedì 17 novembre 2011


“I am an engineer who is fascinated by nature both technically and aesthetically. Observation of elements and forces that make nature is a lifelong passion. Understanding even a small piece of the complex interactions is a bless.
I feel humbled every time that rare light appears or, that rare inspiration flames my imagination. I feel grateful that I was given means to see, feel and appreciate the beauty.
You can read my thoughts related to my photographic work elsewhere the blog pages.
Born in Europe, studied in Asia, working in North America, thinking about moving back to Europe, then to Asia, I feel like I am forever migrant. I am still an Istanbul-er, a Turk in a marvelous journey to learn more.”

Tree by the lake

"Give me light, give me fire"

You are not alone

Stairway to heaven

The last wish

The last wish

Chaos within


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