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clip_image002CAGES: Several "Kisa", local term for the rooster's cage, placed near the area. Many gamblers bring their roosters to the arena using this wooden webbing cage.

clip_image004PREPARE: A Balinese removes his rooster from a cage before the game.
 clip_image006ROOSTER: Balinese carries a rooster during the cockfighting game.

clip_image008EQUALIZES: Several roosters being faced head to head to find the right opponents. In order to have well-matched fight the owner checks for the weight, muscle and sizes of other rooster.

clip_image010WEAPON: Sharp blade being placed at rooster's foot and tighten by using red string. The blade use to kill the other rooster on the match.

clip_image012GAMBLE: Gamblers holds the money. Millions of Rupiah cycled during the game, this is what makes it illegal in Indonesia as a country which prohibits gambling in any forms.

 clip_image014ARENA: Hundreds of spectators, known as Bobotoh, flocks the cock fights stage in Bangli, Bali.

clip_image016SHOUTS: A Bobotoh shouts to tag himself supporting one of the rooster fighting as part of gambling actions.

clip_image018FIGHT: A rooster collied in the middle of the arena as other watches. The actual ritual for cleaning the impure area is until the rooster's blood spilled on the ground.

clip_image020TENSION: Hundreds of spectators gazes at the game during the fights.

clip_image022DEAD: A dead rooster died on the ground after loosing the game.

clip_image024SPILL: Rooster's blood spilled on the ground.

clip_image026PEELING: A Balinese peeling off the feather of a dead rooster and chop the meat.

clip_image028MEAT: Dead rooster chopped and the meat are given to the owner and the winner.

all images © J.P. Christo

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