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The economic crisis has brought many people to a post-war condition: they don’t have food. Middle age people lost their job, pensioners have seen their pensions dramatically cut and students are leaving the country. In Athens soup-kitchens, social supermarkets and free clinics are helping a raising number of Greek people on a daily basis. Mainly refugees and immigrants used these services until a couple of years ago, while today 30% of users are Greek.
Claire is 48 years old, she lost her job and suffers from a bad illness. The municipality of Athens has selected her to be one of the 200 families that will be supported for six months with Social Supermarket. Her daughter is studying at university. They can spend 37,50 euros per week, 150 per month.
In Perama, northern suburbs, unemployment has reached 70% and Greek people have started attending the local polyclinic run by Doctors of the World to get assistance.
Costa is 47 years old, he lost his job and had to move back to his mother’s flat. The day he saw two children fighting in the street for a rotten apple he took the decision to start cooking a soup for 50 people in Syntagma square everyday.
The biggest soup kitchen is feeding 1200 people every day. The Municipality opened a social supermarket. Turists and local people keep bringing flowers and objects under the tree where pensioner Dimitris Christoulas killed himself because of the crisis.

All images © Chiara Ceolin

Chiara Ceolin is a freelance photographer, represented by Emblema photo-agency since 2010.
A former psychoanalyst with a specialization in crisis and emergency psychology, Chiara found in photography a way to share people’s stories, focusing on social issues and human rights. She started her profession in Italy, documenting the horrible life conditions of a large group of African refugees and asylum seekers in Turin. Her project “Landed” has been supported by Amnesty International Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. The multimedia piece that she made has been awarded at the first Italian Multimedia Photojournalism Award in 2010.
With her reportage “A Missing Generation” she opens our eyes to a side of Romania that is frequently not seen and often ignored.
Chiara got a Master in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster and she currently lives and works in London.
+44 (0)7564027518 UK
+39 3498474860 ITALY

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