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Palani Mohan, India, 1967, uses his photography as a means to tell stories. The stories he tells come from various places in Asia and covers various subject matters. For the story on the downfall of the Asian Elephant he traveled to 11 countries in a six year time period. Mohan is represented by Getty Images' Reportage Group, worked for magazines as National Geographic, published several books and currently lives in Malaysia. The following images come from the stories Leap of Faith - The Kumbh Mela, Rice and Vivid - Colours of Asia.

 clip_image001 clip_image002clip_image003 clip_image005
clip_image007 clip_image008 clip_image010clip_image011 clip_image012 clip_image013 clip_image015clip_image017 clip_image019 clip_image021 clip_image023 clip_image025 clip_image027 The Kazakh Eagle Hunters clip_image030 clip_image032 clip_image034 clip_image036clip_image038 clip_image039 clip_image041clip_image042 clip_image044 clip_image046clip_image049 clip_image051 clip_image053 clip_image055 clip_image057clip_image059clip_image061clip_image063clip_image065 clip_image067 clip_image068 clip_image069
Palani Mohan

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