domenica 11 novembre 2012


clip_image001Chinese Patriotism © Melanie Dornier

Between the national holiday of October first and protests against Japan regarding conflict on the Diaoyu / Senkaku Islands, these last days Chinese’s flag has been waved everywhere. After the protest, Chinese flags were used to protect businesses from demonstrators.

clip_image002Chinese Patriotism © Melanie Dornier

Picture of Mao came as well to support Chinese identity. Some slogans appeared in front of Japanese businesses and cars saying “my car/business is Japanese but my heart is Chinese”. The following photography were taken in a Japanese area of Suzhou. This street, Huaihuai jie, is well known for its Japanese’s restaurants, nightclubs, KTV and escort girls. It is quite ironic to see this style of Chinese patriotism in this kind of location.

clip_image004 Chinese Patriotism © Melanie Dornier

Mélanie Dornier
Mélanie Dornier is a french photojournalist and documentary photographer based in China for the last three years, Melanie is working mainly on social and economics issues. Artistic approach is an important component of her pictures.   In China project is a highlight of her documentary work,  more of her photo essais are available on her website.

clip_image006 Chinese Patriotism © Melanie Dornier

clip_image008Chinese Patriotism © Melanie Dornier


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