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"I first got into photography in May 2009, after spending some time experimenting in various different areas I found the subject that interested me the most was street photography. It is since January 2011 that I have been seriously concentrating on this area. I focus mainly on street portraiture, I try to capture sensitivity and feeling in my photographs. My inspiration comes from the people I see, my own empathy and feelings towards them. I feel a connection with some of the people I photograph due to my work and my life experiences."


Q: When or why did you decide to start taking pictures? Did someone influence you?
My mother died in May 2009 after a short illness, it was a complete shock, I turned to photography at the time as a distraction, something to focus on and at times as a tool for self expression.

Q: Can you recall the first photo you took that made you go WOW!?
I can’t actually, I think maybe I feel that more with recent work now that I know where my strengths are.


Q: Do you have any formal training regarding photography?
No, none.

Q: What is your favorite gear for shooting on the street?
I only ever take my Sony a850 and a Sony 70-400mm F4-5 G lens, it’s heavy but perfect for candid portraits.


Q: Do you think of yourself as an artist and what do you think of the word artist?
The word ‘artist’ is quite general, referring to quite a few genres, I think of myself as a photographer.

Q: What has been the single biggest obstacle for you growing as a street photographer?
I can’t say there has been any, mood maybe, sometimes if I’m not feeling it I don’t ‘see’ anything.


Q: Describe a typical day for you as a street photographer?
I decide where I’m going but once I’m there I just wander about constantly looking for anyone who catches my eye for what ever reason. I try to shoot for most of the day, taking a few breaks, then come home around 7pm. Sometimes just when I think I’ve had enough I see someone who turns out to be the photo of the day, I love that.

Q: How do you describe your style as a street photographer?
I observe, watch people interact, I am not one to get into the crowd as some do, I observe and pick the right moment. I love capturing the emotion, that is what it’s all about for me

Q: What inspires you to be a street photographer
The people I see, the feelings they provoke in me…

Q: Tell a little secret about yourself that no-one knows…
I have too many!  : )


All images © Louise Fryer

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