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Manuel Librodo Jr. (nickname Manny) grew up in a small town called Lambunao, Iloilo City, Philippines. Currently a school teacher  at  Roam Rhudy International School in Bangkok Thailand. Manny took up photography and found one of his true callings in the field of photography.

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Manny is very well known for his work in South East Asia, Europe and the United States of America. His photos have won competitions around the world. To name a few of his achievements; UNICEF acquired some of his photographs to be the theme cover for the UNICEF annual greeting card and calendar card for 2009. Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles magazine has featured his work in their monthly magazine issues . Manny has held photography exhibits in Manila, and was dubbed as " One of the best! " by fellow Manila photographers .

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He is also the only Filipino and Asian Facilitators/Lecturer in Gulf Photo Plus.  GULF PHOTO PLUS is the largest photographers' gathering in the Middle East and this features 12 of the best photographers all over the world which includes Claire Rossen, Gregory Heisler, Bobbi Lane, Chris Hurtt, David Nightingale, David Tejada, Farah Nosh, Joey L, Robin Nichols, Steve Simon, Zack Arias and MANNY LIBRODO.

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All images © Manuel Librodo Jr.

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