lunedì 27 maggio 2013


“i suppose you could say I'm old fashioned.i 've always been against the new technological age.looking at what's possible with the new digital cameras makes the old SLR image quality look hazy to say the least. 
having said that looking at images taken on these new generation cameras, often they look too perfect and therefore false.i wonder what the original was like and suspect nothing like the final all the tweaking in photo shop, etc. it'sa bit like watching Dallas.perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect skin equals er fact i'm heartily sick of toothpaste commercials.”

“alcoholics anonymous” - Brighton Fringe, Brighton. “alcoholics anonymous” - Brighton Fringe, Brighton.

a grimm's fairy-tale a grimm's fairy-tale

a knowing look! a knowing look!

a paranoid nightmare. a paranoid nightmare.

an uphill struggle an uphill struggle

and so to school. and so to school.

and the larder was bare. Havana and the larder was bare. Havana

anxiety rules! Bombay, India

anxiety rules! Bombay, India

bitter-sweet – Jaisalmer. India bitter-sweet – Jaisalmer. India
blues brothers resurrected blues brothers resurrected

bonjour tristesse. Como bonjour tristesse. Como

break for freedom break for freedom

business as usual! - Havana - business as usual! - Havana -

congestion-New Delhi, congestion-New Delhi

dons of the racetrack dons of the racetrack

girl's talk! - Golden Temple, Amritsar (Punjab, India) girl's talk! - Golden Temple, Amritsar (Punjab, India)

All images © MIKE SNEAD

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