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Russell Frederick is a photographer from Brooklyn, NY whose global world view and keen understanding of the human condition informs his compelling photography. He works with film in medium format and shoots predominantly in black and white. Through his lens he subverts and disengages the current status quo and stereotypes of people of color internationally. He has photographed men, women and children from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn to Kingston, Jamaica. He has photographed the Lower Ninth Ward and the Bloods in Brooklyn. Russell Frederick tells the story while elevating and exposing the inherent beauty, dignity and honor in his subjects.
A self taught photographer with little formal training, Frederick has catapulted from an unfamiliar name to being sought after for his signature photographic style. In a decade he has become a celebrated public speaker, commissioned photographer and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. He was a recipient of a media fellowship sponsored by the Open Society Institute to document the after effects of Hurricane Katrina and he was a winner of the esteemed Gordon Parks International Photography Competition. In addition to these honors, Russell has received grants from the Brooklyn Arts Council and the Urban Artist Initiative as well. From thousands of entries Mr. Frederick was chosen as one of NYC’s outstanding artists of 2010 for Curate NYC. Russell is a member of Kamoinge, a select group of African American photographers whose work collectively chronicles close to five decades of the African diaspora.
Russell's work has been showcased and published at the New York Times, The Associated Press, The Open Society Foundation, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, La Lettre De La, Photoville, Columbia University, NYU, Columbia College, The Gallerie Galleberg in Norway, The Open Ateliers Zuidoost Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands, The University of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, The Goethe Institute in Accra, Ghana, The Reginald Lewis Museum of Baltimore, Maryland, The Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, 25 CPW Gallery, The Aljira Gallery of Newark, New Jersey, The Rush Arts Gallery, The Rotunda Gallery, The Empire State Building, Nordstroms, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Uptown magazine, Ebony magazine, Hycide magazine, and many others.
Beyond photographing. Russell dedicates his time to volunteering and mentoring young adults at the Kings Against Violence Initiative in Brooklyn, NY.

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