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Sebastian Kisworo. 
Born in 1971, Sebastian Kisworo is an Indonesian photographer currently based in Jakarta. He studied photographer through the Internet.
Artist statement:
“Photography is a means to express my feeling, and to document stories.”

clip_image002 Sebastian Kisworo "At the Station" -

clip_image004Sebastian Kisworo "At the Station" -

clip_image006 Sebastian Kisworo "At the Station" -

clip_image008 Sebastian Kisworo "At the Station" -

clip_image010 Sebastian Kisworo "At the Station" - @the station: rush departure

clip_image013[1]Sebastian Kisworo "At the Station" -

clip_image015Heavy duty II

clip_image017Heavy duty

clip_image019Wheels of life

clip_image020© 2011-2013 Sebastian Kisworo

clip_image021© 2011-2013 Sebastian Kisworo

clip_image023Our little shop II

clip_image025Our little shop


clip_image029Easy, boy!

clip_image031Lombok boy

clip_image033The kite runner

clip_image035Roll and play it again

clip_image037I believe I can fly it

All images  © Sebastian Kisworo

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