martedì 5 novembre 2013


“My name is Alveraz Ricardez. I’m a photographer in Los Angeles, California. I live in the Inglewood area with my wife and two kids.
I've always had an interest in story-telling and the human condition. When I discovered I could combine the two within a frame it seemed like a natural process to explore. I've since become a devoted observational hobbyist and street photographer.
My current project covers a few blocks of Downtown, Los Angeles, where I've had the privilege of recording intimate, revealing moments of people who have given me a glimpse into a marginalized world of hope, desperation and at times, joy.”

Man In Hood Man Around Corner Man In Bowtie Man In Hat Woman With White Sunglasses Woman With Cigarette Stormtrooper Man With Phone7th and Olive 1 7th and Olive 4 Men In Alley Man With Glasses Man With Flowers Man On Stairs Man With Baby Shoes Man On Escalator Man On Bench Man In Sheriff Hat Man In Robes

All images © Alveraz Ricardez

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