sabato 11 gennaio 2014


The diptychs took Laita eight years and include subjects from each of the 48 contiguous states. All of the black and white images were made using a traveling "studio" with an 8x10 camera, a single light and a grey backdrop, which help maintain neutrality and consistency in the paired images.

Laita states: “In America, the chasm between rich and poor is growing, the clash between conservatives and liberals is strengthening, and even good and evil seem more polarized than ever before. At the heart of this collection of portraits is my desire to remind us that we were all equal, until our environment, circumstances, or fate molded and weathered us into whom we have become.

‘I photograph what I love about my country, which is the American. By that I mean the individual who is shaped from more than 200 years of liberty and independence missed with all the successes and failures that America has experienced in its short life. So here is a collection of these creatures. Tragic and wonderful, great and ordinary, they stand proud and ready for scrutiny.’

Il mondo è bello perché è vario, così diverso con tante cose in comune, e questo diventa ancora più apprezzabile se visualizzato attraverso una gallery eclettica di personaggi come quella fotografata da Mark Laita  con Created Equal.
La serie di ritratti in bianco e nero accosta mondi apparentemente in antitesi, tra i quali c’è sempre qualcosa in comune, basta spingersi oltre le differenze che arrivano dall’ambiente circostante, dalle circostanze o dal fato se preferite. Fonte

All images © Mark Laita


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