lunedì 20 gennaio 2014


Originally from the small town of Hastings in the UK, Lynn has travelled extensively and lived throughout South East Asia.  Her photography career has spanned over 15 years and while she has won many awards and exhibited throughout Western Australia she does not feel this to be paramount to her success.  With so much pain and heartache documented by today's photojournalists, Lynn prefers to record slices of life that show humble people that often own little materialistically but still have a healthy zest for life.  She feels it's important to engage with her subjects whilst being sensitive to their cultural values. Through her dedication in capturing expression from her subject she hopes to move the viewer beyond the social veneer and any pre-formed attitudes to help break down society's barriers that often separate people from making a connection.

Lynn's work has been published in leading photographic and travel magazines and publications.  She would like to one day be involved in a photographic assignment that could make a difference where a difference is needed.

All images © Lynn Gail

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