giovedì 20 febbraio 2014


James Sparshatt’s work dramatically captures the vibrancy and emotional intensity of life. Many of his images are of the music and dance of the Latin world, the flamenco of Spain, tango from Argentina, salsa from the streets of Havana. His colour images are full of movement and life, his black and white of emotion. 
He has been exhibited in New York, Texas, London, Spain, Cuba and across the UK. His work has been sold at Art Chicago, Palm Beach International Art Fair, Slick (Paris) as well as fairs in New York, London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Dublin. His 2006 exhibition at the Royal National Theatre was described in the 
Sunday Telegraph as “a dazzling collection of black and white images…”. 
James’ first book, Cuba Land of Spirit, was published in October 2006. 

All images © James Sparshatt

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