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Vladimir Lagrange was born in Moscow in 1939. In the 1950s and 1960s he worked for TASS news agency, and later for the The Soviet Union magazine. He travelled all over the country and took numerous propaganda reportage photographs and a lot for himself that he could not publish in Moscow due to censorship.

Vladimir Lagrange - a true legend and a classic of Soviet photography. He worked for more than a quarter century in the magazine "Soviet Union" and creative contributions as photo awarded the main prize of the Union of Journalists of Russia and the Guild of Professional Photographers media. For you collected a selection of interesting photos of Vladimir. Have fun. Quarter of a century I have worked in the largest newsmagazine country "Soviet Union". The main strategy of which was to promote the socialist way of life. My task was to acquaint the reader with the work of metallurgists, pilots, miners, doctors, farmers, etc., their lives, and very true. Addresses filming heroes essays found themselves relying on their understanding and kindness to people who sometimes disagreed with the opinion of local party leaders. Now comes a huge number of magazines and newspapers, but the characters, as they say - photo shoots, became very different character types: often see no people, masks - makeup, gloss uniformity plots, overall varnishing life. 
And now my heroes do not have no respect. The question arises - when was more hype? When I examined the archive, I'm one of my friends said: "Finally I saw those faces, which missed. What is heroic, hardworking, beautiful, and at the same time, these kinds of people. " Here I am with them and acquaint you. 
B. Lagrange

All images © Vladimir Lagrange

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