mercoledì 19 novembre 2014


Born in Gangwon province in 1971, Ahn Sehong grew up and educated in Seoul. He took an interest in photos and started to take Korean traditional mask dances during his junior school. Since then he has been taking documentary photos based upon the underprivileged such topics as the disabled, comfort women, human rights, and so on. He took an interest in Korean religious philosophy and culture in search of the root of Korean psyche, and this led him to study shamanism, Buddhism and folklore. As a result of this he is currently working on the photographs such topics compared Korean shamanism with Japanese one and other Asian ones as well. Also he have performs the Juju-project which holds the photo exhibitions, lectures, and study the historical record of Comfort Women, those are planning to hold around 12 cities in Japan, Korea and major cities in the West (e.g. London, New York, Berlin, Paris).

All images © Ahn Sehong

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