mercoledì 7 gennaio 2015


Frenchman Christophe Jacrot is a photographic flâneur in the finest Baudelairean sense. He continuously plunges into New York, Paris, London, or Hong Kong to photograph and bring to light fleeting, everyday moments in their full poetic density and romantic charisma – and he only does this in the rain or snow. The stormier, the more terrible the weather, the more exciting and atmospheric the moment. To discover the beauty of metropolitan life in bad weather, the viewer must first take a plunge into the rain. The pictures will immediately exude a heartbreaking aura, without falling into gloom or sadness. Quite the opposite! Each city glows with its own unique, rainy mood. There is a noticeable difference when the sky cries over Hong Kong versus London, or when it snows in Paris as compared to New York. The rainwater pours down bus windows, creating the ideal surface sheen for light, colors, and reflections of the street. A passerby's elegant, feminine shoe, the sole of which glistens red above wet asphalt – Baudelaire devoted entire love poems to such fleeting moments; Jacrot presents them in perfect pictures. It is precisely these unseen moments in which life reveals all its uniqueness and beauty. The bad weather becomes the ideal bearer of longing and love. Jacrot’s subjects could be from film noir, yet they are intentionally brought to us in color. (Stephan Reisner) eu.lumas

All images © Christophe Jacrot 

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