lunedì 16 febbraio 2015


“It's more than 4 years that I became dedicted to photography. My preferred motifs are in nature and city architecture (historical or modern) and recently just on the streets of my beloved city. I feel attracted to light & shadows and reflections, enjoy rain and snow as well as bright summerdays. Still missing the experience of studio shots (artistic nude, portraits, table top e.g.) but working on it .  fotoblur

Kuki’s use of longtime exposures and her own personal creativity provides a dream world for those experiencing the art. I want to be in that world she has created and I want to experience life and to feel those emotions pouring from the photographs. The closest I can get to experiencing such a world is in a dream or by enjoying Kuki’s art as she combines reality and creative vision.
As photographers, we strive and sometimes struggle to find our own style and our own unique manner of creating. Kuki’s creativity is clearly from the heart and mind and most importantly, the soul. She has given us an experience like none other, perfectly balancing the image with a unique creative style.

All images © Kuki Walsch

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