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Wolf has created a legacy of socially engaged photography and film work known for its integrity and compassion. His photographs are held in collections worldwide. In 2002 a major retrospective of his work was held at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh and most recently in Vienna. His travels around the globe from 1930 until present has resulted in many thousands of photographs and work on nearly two hundred films.
Brigitte May writes of Wolf’s appeal, “Characterizing Wolf Suschitzky is not difficult once one has been allowed to, in a manner of speaking, take a glimpse behind the scenes of a remarkable and fruitful life. There is his wonderful Old Viennese charm, which surfaces in his friendliness and warmth whenever you meet him, even though he has been calling London his home for more than half a century. There’s his political commitment, his interest in current affairs, his attentiveness towards the needs of others and towards social injustice, his persistent interest in innovation and progress, his open-mindedness and candour, his subtle sense of humour and his engaging personality.”
Born in Vienna, August 29, 1912, trained as a photographer at Hohere Graphische Bundes-Lehr-und Versuchsanstalt. Under the impression of Austro-fascism, emigrated to the Netherlands in 1934 and to London the following year. As an enemy alien, was subject to a temporary ban on working. Co-founded DATA film cooperative in 1944. Published numerous photography manuals, especially on photographing children and animals. /lumieregallery


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