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Beijing-based photographer Wang Fuchun produced this series of incredibly vivid pictures of Chinese passengers on trains. A railway worker-turned photographer, Wang has been documenting all sorts of unique moments on trains for decades. From steam locomotives to bullet trains, the past three-decades of changes for China' s railways have all been recorded in Wang's photos.
"Trains are loaded with people's hopes and regrets," said 68-year-old Wang Fuchun. ”I feel really lucky to have been able to take photos on trains."
Wang Fuchun has many works themed on rail travel, such as his "Chinese on the Train", "The Steam Locomotives of China", "Black Land" and "Manchurian Tiger". Wang's bond with trains first started several decades ago. Influenced by his elder brother, who had an established career in rail, Wang also became a railway worker in 1970 after he finished his military service. Due to his strong interest in arts, Wang was asked to take photos as part of his job responsibility during the 1970s. This is how he got started in photography. By 1984, Wang was a professional photographer.
However, the sudden shift in his career track didn't stop him working for the railway industry. Wang began to record the history of China' s railway by taking photos on the trains. Wang Fuchun often takes several train trips a month and walks up and down the carriages taking photos.
"I love trains, railway, and railway passengers," said Wang. "Whenever I get on a train, I get a comfortable feeling, like being at home." amusingplanet


Wang Fuchun was born in 1943 and graduated from Harbin Normal University as a photography major. He is now a member of the World Chinese Photographers Association and the China Photographers Association, and he is vice-president of Harbin Photographers Association. He has produced many thematic works such as "Chinese People on the Train", "Black Land" and "Manchurian Tiger". He won the award of "outstanding Chinese photographer" at the Pingyao International Photography Festival in 2004.

All images © Wang Fuchun

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