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Denis Rouvre is a French photographer. Born in 1967, he lives and works in Paris.
Since 1992, Denis Rouvre has been shooting portraits of stars in the limelight and anonymous beings with ordinary lives and extraordinary fates. A number of his personal series, investigations into the power and fragility of man, have been exhibited in France and abroad, at Rencontres d’Arles, FIAC, and Art Paris, Pinacothèque de Paris, at the Hélène Bailly Gallery in Paris, Project 2.0 Gallery in The Hague, ...
Rouvre’s portraits have been featured in the press both in France and abroad.
He has been awarded several highly prestigious prizes, such as the World Press Photo 2013 for an image from his series Sumo, the World Press Photo 2012 for an image from his series Low Tide, the World Press Photo 2010 for his Lamb series, the SONY World Photography Award 2011 for his After Meeting series, and a Hasselblad Masters Portrait in 2012.
He has also several books to his credit, including Sortie de match (Editions de la Martinière). His most recent works, Lamb (his work on Senegalese wrestlers) and Low Tide – Le Japon du chaos, have been published by Somogy Editions d’Art.

All images © Denis Rouvre

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