venerdì 26 giugno 2015


Xie Hailong is the Vice Secretary-General and Information Center Director of the Chinese Photographers Association and the Director of China Youth Development Foundation. He started the “Hope Project” in 1990. He spent ten years travelling on behalf of this project. He covered over 20,000 kilometers, visiting 26 provinces and 128 counties. He made contact with over 10,000 children at more than 100 schools, taking a total of over 10,000 photos. He used these photographs to advocate forchildren’s educational rights.
Xie Hailong had his solo exhibition at 798 Photo Gallery, China, 2004. His photographs not only serve as a valuable historical record, but they are largely responsible for bringing this serious social problem to the attention of the broader Chinese society. The quality of humanitarianism in his work also serves as a model and possible direction for other like-minded Chinese photographers.  prixpictet

All images © Xie Hailong

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