venerdì 10 luglio 2015


Amos Chapple is a freelance photographer based out of New Zealand. He began his career at the New Zealand Herald before leaving to be a part of the UNESCO Our Place project, where he helped to photograph all of the World Heritage sites around the world. Chapple first caught our eye when he released a series of images from Iran that he shot for Lonely Planet on the social news aggregation site Reddit under the title, "I'm a photographer with Lonely Planet and have just returned from my third trip into Iran. Reddit, I suck at writing catchy titles - please, just help me get these pictures to as many people as possible." We caught up with Chapple to hear how he evolved from a newspaper photojournalist to a freelancer, what he looks for when he travels to a new country and what advice he has for up and coming photographers looking to do international work.

All images © Amos Chapple/REX


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