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Photographer Chris Gibbs was born in Manchester, England in 1966. He studied electrical engineering at Leigh College before switching to photography and graduating in 1984.  After completing a commercial photography apprenticeship, he volunteered for the Royal Air Force and was accepted into the Joint Service School of Photography.
His tour of duty ended a few weeks after the Gulf War began.  And, although Gibbs never saw combat, he credits his military training with teaching him how to “get the job done.”  As a civilian, he worked in advertising, moved to Seal Beach, California with his wife Sharon, and in 1996 followed the lure of adventure and migrated, via a VW van, to Alaska, where he lived through summer 2013.
In early April, a few of Gibbs’s photographs were featured on The Online Photographer, and Dog Art Today reader Nicholas Von Staden sent me the link.  I clicked through to Gibbs’s website and got lost in his “Dog Musher Series,” a three-year collaboration documenting 58-year-old Allen Lau’s quest to qualify for the Iditarod.   BY MOIRA McLAUGHLIN, June 06, 2013

All images © Chris Gibbs

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