venerdì 24 luglio 2015


    "Purely documentary photography is, to me, too primitive, and the subjective portrayal of one’s world is incomprehensible; the real values in photo-art are somewhere between the two.
      I don’t pursue sensationalism, striking events or characters, nature photography, documentarism or portraiture. I am looking for a resonance between the visible world and my soul. If I perceive such a harmony, I take a picture.
When taking pictures, I influence the people who are my subject. If they submit to this influence, the result is a positive one. However, very few people actually submit to it. This influence occurs in a mysterious way; the photographer, with his sophisticated and strange apparatus, communicates his intention and feelings without words, or any sign at all...
      Concerning contemporary trends in photography, I’ll mention those aspects that seem to me to be negative: conceptualism, now developed to a highly personalized and individualist degree, has replaced genuine feeling in current photography; contemporary photography is short of great ideas, glutted with insignificant subjects; photographers are lazy concerning significant world events, social as well as humane.
      Perhaps, however, I am not correct about this: I am coming to an age when a person must be careful about the conclusions he draws, which can prove too conservative."

All images ©  Gunārs Binde

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