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Hans Arvid Hammarskiöld (May 17, 1925 – November 12, 2012) was a Swedish professional photographer. He was active in most genres—for many years he worked as an industrial photographer, but was especially noted for his portraits.
Hammarskiöld was born in 1925 in Stockholm. His breakthrough as a professional photographer came in the 1950s when he worked all over the world. For some years he was employed by the British Vogue. Hammarskiöld was the last surviving member of the group Tio fotografer (Ten Photographers), which was influential in Swedish photography for decades as the illustrations agency Tiofoto. In 2009, a selection of seventy of Hammarskiöld's portraits was on display at the National Museum in Stockholm. His portraits were later donated to the National Swedish Portrait Gallery. Hammarskiöld died in 2012 in Lidingö, east of Stockholm, after a short illness.

All images  © Hans Arvid Hammarskiöld 

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