venerdì 29 aprile 2016


Enjoy some awardwinning travel-photography, captured over the last decade in Asia and Oceania.

Expect impressions of the last frontiers, archaic tribes, vital animism, dogmas and rituals of the rich and vivid Asian culture..
..and some lucky shots.

Our Vision: we surveyed the Asia-Pacific-Region from the Himalayas to the tropical rainforest and Coral Sea.
Anytime soon we'd like to reanimate/ visualize the incredible - only orally relayed - dogmas and rituals of the Adat-related/ animistic cultures, beginning in the South Pacific area.

The used technique reminds on the finest epic longtime exposures, spiced with dramatic sceneries while moonlight, solstice, sharp climatic divides etc.

The Project shall enrich cultural dialogues – crossing borders – in showing and sharing cultural insights. Therefore it is also deeply in touch with unique ways of cultural expression and likes to contribute to their individual preservation.

All images  © Wolfgang Weinhardt

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