mercoledì 7 settembre 2016


About me:
"To me photography is a way to express the paradoxes, realities and beauty of human life; its my passion! Born in 1969 in Pratapgarh, I work in Indian Audit & Accounts Department as an Assisstant Audit Officer in Lucknow. I started photography three years back with a film SLR and now I shoot in digital! I photograph regularly one day a week since July 2013. I love the creativity of Street Photography which in its essence and effect equals the arts of likes of Goethe, Ghalib, Nietzsche, Leonardo, Joyce and Jung. I enjoy music, poetry, philosophy, psychology, literature, painting and other arts too! What a paradoxical time ours is! I love to express it!!" blackandwhitestreet

All images © Udai Singh

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