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Artemio Rodriguez, The Triumph of Death (detail), 2007. Woodcut in nine panels, 96 x 144 inches. Courtesy of Hui Press

image  The Triumph of Death, 2007

Artemio Rodriguez (b. 1972, Tacambaro, Michoacan, Mexico) is an artist whose work is as current as a graffiti wall, yet grounded in traditions that reach back to the Middle Ages. Primarily a print marker, he has departed at times from paper to apply his imagery on cars and even skateboards.

image image

In form, his work pays tribute to the Mexican master, José Guadalupe Posada. Like Posada’s woodcuts, Rodriguez’s prints are aggressive and provocative.

 image image

Both artists excel at pushing the simple craft of woodcut printing to its limits. These are not artists that use the print as a secondary form of expression, but rather they use the technique as their primary medium.

 image image

After living in Los Angeles for many years, Rodriguez has recently relocated back to Mexico.

image image

Now residing in Tacámbaro, Michoacán, he is currently the driving force behind El Huerto, Centro de Ecologia y Artes (The Orchard, Center for Ecology and Arts).

image image Holy Family
Artemio Rodriguez's Grafico Movil Photo Courtesy of Mary Sherwood

Artemio Rodriguez at Davidson Gallery

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