giovedì 16 giugno 2011


Donne, uomini e bambini, tutti dannati per cercare oro

Born in Lagos, and now based in London, freelance photographer George Osodi has been documenting his homeland since 1999.
From the oil-rich region of the Niger delta, Osodi's camera captures the paradox of a country of vast (albeit limited) natural resouces and a people living in extreme poverty.
A story of Galamsey youths who dig beneath the soil for gold at an illegal gold mining site in Obuasi, Ghana, May 2009.The artisanal gold mining activities in Ghana are on the increase as thousands of jobless youths and families engage in this act known locally as Galamsey defying the dangers to their health and causing serious environmental damage, like land degradation, water pollution, erosion of agricultural sites and deforestation while in search of precious Gold known locally as "THE MONEY". The improper use and handling of mercury by miners to extract gold from the fine sand lead to potential health hazards among miners and inhabitants of some of the gold reach communities in Ghana. Some have died while doing Galamsey but but some of the youths will tell you it's a matter of survival.

clip_image001Money Series no.1

clip_image002De Money Series no.2


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