lunedì 12 settembre 2011


The People’s Republic of China recognises 55 ethnic minority groups in China in addition to the Han majority. The ethnic minorities form 9.44% of mainland China and Taiwan’s total population and the greatest number can be found in Yunnan province, 34% (25 ethnic groups).
Lo Yunnan è una regione della Cina sud occidentale che confina a sud con Myanmar, Laos e Vietnam.

The mountainous terrain, poor communication and the isolation of communities have to some extent, allowed the ethnic groups to develop independently and preserve their own customs and identity.

This collection of landscape, interior and portrait photographs of the people and places of Yunnan were taken as I wandered randomly, using local transport, around the villages from the mountainous peaks in the north of the province to the tropics in the south bordering Vietnam and Laos. It is interspersed with photographs of produce purchased at local markets and pieces of textiles scanned in situ in the women’s homes.
TESSA BUNNEY Photographer

All images © Tessa Bunney


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