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Inaugurazione November 01, 2011
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Throne leg, late 7th–early 8th century, probably Western Iran, Bronze; cast around a ceramic core and chased

clip_image005[4]Non-illustrated manuscript, folio, second half 9th–mid-10th century, Tunisia, probably Qairawan, Gold and silver on indigo-dyed parchment

clip_image006[4]Incense burner, dated A.H. 577/ A.D. 1181–82, Iran, Bronze; cast, engraved, chased, pierced

clip_image007[4]Mosque lamp, ca. 1325, Egypt or Syria, Glass, colorless with brown tinge; blown, folded foot, applied wick holder and handles, enameled and gilded

clip_image008[4]Astrolabe, dated A.H. 690/ A.D. 1291, Yemen, Brass; cast and hammered, pierced, chased, inlaid with silver

clip_image009[4]Dish, 10th century, present-day Uzbekistan, Samarqand, Earthenware; white slip with polychrome slip decoration under transparent glaze

clip_image010[4]Tughra (Official Signature) of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent (r. 1520–66), Turkey, Istanbul, Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper

clip_image011[4]Tile, frieze, late 13th century, Iran, probably Takht-i Sulaiman, Stonepaste; modeled, underglaze-painted in blue and turquoise, luster-painted on opaque white ground

clip_image013[4]Carpet, second half 16th century, Iran, Silk (warp and weft), wool (pile); asymmetrically knotted pile

clip_image014[4]Panel, al-Hakam II (961–76), 10th–early 11th century, Spain, probably Cordoba, Ivory; carved, inlaid with stone with traces of pigment

clip_image015[4]Flask, mid-17th century, India, Rock crystal; set with gold, enamel, rubies, and emeralds

clip_image016[4]Inlaid Box for the Portuguese Market, ca.1600, India, Gujarat, probably Ahmedabad, Wood (teak); veneered with ebony, inlaid ivory, and lac

clip_image017[4]Mihrab (Prayer Niche), A.H. 755/ A.D. 1354–55, Iran, Isfahan, Mosaic of polychrome-glazed cut tiles on stonepaste body; set into mortar

clip_image018[4]Shahnama (Book of Kings) of Shah Tahmasp, Sultan Muhammad  (active first half 16th century) Abu'l Qasim Firdausi (935–1020), , Illustrated manuscript, folio, Shah Ismail (1501–24), ca. 1525, Iran, Tabriz, Opaque watercolor, ink, silver, and gold on paper

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