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Marlborough Gallery

40 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019
Tel: 212.541.4900 - Fax: 212.541.4948

Fino al 03 Dicembre 2011

On October 27, 2011 Marlborough Gallery will present the first showing of a new body of work by the world renowned Colombian artist, Fernando Botero. The exhibition, entitled Via Crucis, is based on scenes from the passion of Christ. This will be Botero’s first New York exhibition since 2006 when he presented the critically acclaimed show of paintings dealing with the events of the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq in 2003.The show of Via Crucis (Latin for The Way of the Cross) will consist of twenty-seven oils on canvas of various sizes and approximately thirty-four drawings in mixed media on paper.

clip_image001Fernando Botero
Head of Christ/ Cabeza de Cristo, 2010

clip_image002Fernando Botero
The Nails/ Los clavos, 2011
oil on canvas

clip_image003Fernando Botero
Jesus and the Crowd/ Jesus y la multiud, 2010

clip_image004Fernando Botero
Jesus Meets His Mother/ Jesus encuentra a su madre, 2011
oil on canvas

clip_image005Fernando Botero
Descent from the Cross/ Descenso de la cruz, 2010
oil on canvas

clip_image006Fernando Botero
Entombment of Christ/ Entierro de Cristo, 2010
oil on canvas

clip_image007Fernando Botero
Jesus in the Garden of Olives / Jesus en el huerto de los olivos, 2011
watercolor and pencil on paper

clip_image008Fernando Botero
The Kiss of Judas / El beso de Judas, 2010
watercolor and pencil on paper

clip_image009Fernando Botero
They Play on the Robe of Jesus / Juegan la tunicade Jesus, 2011
watercolor, pencil and colored pencil on paper

clip_image010Fernando Botero
Jesus Has Died / Jesus Muerto
pencil and colored pencil on paper


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