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I'm as "white" as they come, but hope that those whose roots are in Africa or "Zulu Land" will enjoy seeing some of their "great great grandparents" hamming it up, or just posing for the camera while having fun. I have seen plenty of pictures of Old Africa in my time, but none quite like these.
They are from a rare series of 1903 images showing culture clash and changes in certain areas of old "Zulu Land" (so called by the White settlers).
It is possible (some will say probable) that these images were taken to "spoof" or "mock" the Zulu. After 100 years, the photographer is gone, and his intent has died with him.
Regardless of how or why the images were photographed, they are valuable for showing true native Zulu costume, accessories, hairstyles, home construction.....and cross-over moments into some "white" pastimes. The honesty expressed in the faces of the subjects has, in the end, triumphed over any ignorance or prejudice on the part of the photographer.
The Zulu win.
The semi-nudity here is non-sexual in nature, and like many tropical nations of the world at that time, it was part of life. There is nothing more to be read into it.
I have also posted a series of BLACK AFRICA in 3-D, most all of it "straight images" (not spoofing or mocking) of many tribes from many regions. Some very beautiful stuff.

clip_image001[1]RIDING INTO THE FUTURE -- The Zulu Motor Cab

clip_image002[1]EBONY AND EBONY ON THE IVORIES -- Making Music in Zulu Land, Old Africa

clip_image003[1]I'M SORRY, BABY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME -- Another Day in Old Africa

clip_image004[1]ZULU POOL in OLD AFRICA


clip_image006[1]A TUG OF WAR in Old ZULU LAND

clip_image007[1]"...KAFFIR KRAAL ZULU LAND..."

clip_image008[1]ZULU LAND -- NATIVE KRAAL


clip_image010[1]ZULU SHAMPOO and BUG REMOVAL

clip_image011[1]THE ZULU BRIDE and her COIFFURE

clip_image012[1]TRAINING FOR WAR -- Laughing ZULU Make a MOCK CHARGE at the PHOTOGRAPHER in ZULU LAND

clip_image013[1]A ZULU BABE in ZULU LAND

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