sabato 16 giugno 2012


Haitian Earthquake Photojournalism

clip_image001A woman passes in front of the burning remains  a destroyed building in downtown Port au Prince, Haiti in the wake of the Haitian Earthquake.

A body decomposes on the streets of Port au Prince.

A man cries after is wife is shot dead by police during looting in downtown Port au Prince.

A family photo of a young child lies in the rubble of a home destroyed by the earthquake. 

Residents navigate the remains of their home in search of lost belongings.

Haitians search through destroyed shops while a fire burns dead corpses on the street.

Men try to dig items out of their destroyed home.

The arm of a corpse decomposes on the street.

A woman recovers in a hospital from injuries she sustained during the earthquake.

A man covers his nose to block out the smell of decomposing bodies while walking down the streets of Port au Prince.

A man who sustained serious injuries to his face during the earthquake recovers in a hospital in the Dominican Republic.

A woman shrouded in the smoke of burning garbage in a large, make-shift refugee camp in Port au Prince, Haiti.

clip_image016 Haitians do laundry and bathe in a river outside of Port au Prince in the aftermath of the earthquake.

clip_image017A woman lies dead in the street after being shot by police. Police shot and killed several individuals claiming that they were prisoners who escaped from the collapsed prison, although many others disputed this and said the police were killing indiscriminately.

clip_image018A young boy runs out of a partially destroyed business as police begin to shoot at looters. 

clip_image019The ripped gloves of a medical worker outside of a hospital overflowing from Haitians injured in the earthquake.

clip_image020A badly decomposed body on the streets of Port au Prince, Haiti.

clip_image021A woman stands in front of a fire in the early morning hours. Most Haitians remain without homes, the rest are too scared to sleep indoors and pass their days and nights on the streets.

clip_image022A trench dug as a mass grave awaits more bodies.

clip_image023A child's doll lies in the ruins of a home. 

clip_image024A dead body lies on the street outside of the overflowing morgue.

clip_image026A massive tent city houses Haiti's displaced.

clip_image027Displaced Haitians pass time on the streets outside of a small make-shift camp. 
clip_image029Fresh mass graves being dug.

clip_image030 Haitians reflected in the mud and filth of the flooding streets.

  A young girl an a massive camp for the displaced is seen through the cracked windshield of a bus damaged in the earthquake.

clip_image032An injured woman in a hallway of an overflowing hospital in the Dominical Republic near the Haitian border.
All images © Zoriah

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