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clip_image002[4] NYC: Crescent Soul

Chester Higgins has emerged as one of the premier photographers of his generation.
Because he believes art humanizes us, the subjects of his photographs are most important to him. His photographs give voice to the unseen interior spirit. His images resonate with a spiritual echo, which frees them from the constraints of time.

NYC: Song of the Spirit

SENEGAL: Door of No Return

SENEGAL: Leaving Yoff

clip_image007[4] MALI: Passage

GHANA: A time for balance

clip_image009[4] BRAZIL: Candomble priestess

clip_image010[4] GHANA: Precious of Tamale

clip_image012[4] ETHIOPIA: Suri gaze

clip_image013[4] ETHIOPIA: Tigrai farmer

ETHIOPIA: Hamer locks

ETHIOPIA: Great Mother Afar

ETHIOPIA: Gnangaton elder

clip_image018[4] Tana Fisherman

clip_image020[4] EGYPT: Temple to Hathor at Philae

clip_image022[4] ETHIOPIA: Blue Nile Falls

clip_image024[4] SUDAN: Desert rift

clip_image025[4]NYC: In Time

clip_image027[4]ETHIOPIA: Lalibela's Mercurious

EGYPT: Bent pyramid of Sneferu

clip_image031[4] MALI: Grand Mosque of Djenne

clip_image033[4] HAITI: Basket making

clip_image035[4] ETHIOPIA: Morning chores

GHANA: Sunrise praise

clip_image038[4] NYC: Dance to the Sea

clip_image040[4] BRAZIL: Omolu's popcorn

clip_image042[4] HAITI: Vodoum procession

BRAZIL: Ochun of the Sea

clip_image044[4]NYC: Elder Ortiz

Much of Higgins’ imagery is inspired by his quest to re-define the visual document as it relates to people of African descent. Over the past five decades, he has produced six books reflecting a sensitive and in-depth diary of his explorations of the human Diaspora,  and his concern with his own humanity.


Higgins’ images of ordinary moments enable us to see and appreciate the fullness of humanity.

Through portraits and studies of living rituals and ancient civilizations, viewers gain a rare insight into cultural behavior — a window to another place and time. “With the camera I embrace the spirit that is the essence of all existence, ” he says. “I search for the signature of the spirit in my subjects, and through my art, I become whole.”

clip_image048GHANA: A Father's Prayer

Higgins is the author of the photo collections Black Woman, Drums of Life, Some Time Ago, Feeling the Spirit: Searching the World for the People of Africa, Elder Grace, and his memoir Echo of the Spirit.

clip_image049NYC: Elder Perkins

A native Alabamian, he has been a staff photographer for The New York Times since 1975; his photographs have appeared in ArtNews, New York Times Sunday Magazine, Look, Life, Newsweek, Fortune, Ebony, Essence, Black Enterprise, GEO, The Village Voice, New York Magazine, The New Yorker and Archaeology. His work is the topic of two PBS films: “An American Photographer: Chester Higgins Jr.,” and “Brotherman.” He has been featured on CBS: “Sunday Morning News,” PBS: “The NewsHour,” ABC: “Like It Is,” and “Freedom Forum.”


His one-man exhibitions have appeared at the International Center of Photography, The Museum of Photographic Arts, The Smithsonian Institution, The Museum of African Art, Musee Dapper Paris, The Schomburg Center, and The New-York Historical Society.


clip_image052Joyce Watson.

clip_image053Mursi teenager 2009

clip_image054Fierce grace

clip_image055Desert Storm

All images © Chester Higgins

Chester Higgins

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