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Maynard Owen Williams, born in Montour Falls, New York, grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan. After receiving degrees simultaneously from Kalamazoo College and the University of Chicago, he spent a few years teaching at what later became the American University in Beirut, then worked as a Baptist Missionary teacher in Hangchow, China. He joined the National Geographic staff in 1919 after spending some years with the Kalamazoo Gazette and Christian Herald. During his career with the Society, Williams photographed and wrote about many areas of the world including Greece, the Middle East, China, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, Sinai, the Netherlands, and the East Indies, contributing over ninety magazine articles. He participated in the opening of King Tutakhamen's tomb in Egypt in 1923. National Geographic's MacMillan Arctic Expedition in 1925, and the French Citroen-Haardt Expedition crossing Asia by motor car in 1931- 1932. Williams spent thirty-four years with National Geographic, many of them as the chief foreign editor. He died in 1963.

clip_image001[4]Owen Maynard Williams acompanhou a expedição Citroën-Haardt pela Ásia - utilizando pôneis, camelos, iaques e carros - como fotógrafo-chefe, de 1931 a 1932. Apesar de a jornada ter terminado de maneira abrupta em 1932, com a morte de Haardt, Williams classificou a viagem de um ano e meio como "a maior aventura da minha vida".

clip_image002[4]Young women of the steppes in central Asia. - Photo by Maynard Owen Williams, 1932

clip_image003[4]A Statue of Peter the Great Resting on a Wagon

clip_image004[4]Kabul, Afghanistan, 1946 by Maynard Owen Williams

A Clown at the Gingerbread Fair at the Place De La Nation - Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image006 clip_image007 
clip_image009[4]Girls in Burkas, Iran Photograph by Maynard Owen Williams
"With the exception of their veils, these girls look, dress, and act like American girls, an interesting sidelight on the New Persia."—Maynard Owen Williams - National Geographic magazine, October, 1931

clip_image010[4] Maynard Owen Williams -King Tutankhamun-  26.11.1922 г.
 clip_image011[4] Grand Liban, Beirut-Sidon Road, Syria, 1926 - Vintage gelatin silver, printed 1926

clip_image013[4] Argentina 1939

Poppy Sap Harvest, Afghanistan, 1933
Photograph by Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image015[4] A Gargoyle Looking over the City of Paris

clip_image016 A Man Stands at the Edge of a Bar Surrounded by Bottles

clip_image017[4] A Trans-Asiatic Expedition Is Saluted by Troops and Civilians - Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image018[4] Students Practicing Painting Nudes - Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image020[4] Nice, France 1926 Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image021[4] Acting Foreign Minister Yusuf Yasin Sits with Bodyguards and Family - Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image022[4] A woman models a Bahraini mask and sequined veil - Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image023 Afghan Men Relaxing at a Bazaar - Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image024[4] Advertising Outside a Theater - Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image025[4] Artist from Mt. Athos Stands Next to Painting of Saint Nicholas - Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image026[4] Ashkenazic Jew Poses with His Literature in His Lap - Maynard Owen Williams

clip_image027[4] Maynard Owen Williams
Arabs Beside Box Containing One of Pamir Group Cars, Beirut, Lebanese Republic, Syria, 1931

From the Eyub Mosque, Constantinople, Turkey, 1928
Vintage gelatin silver, printed 1936

In the Moti Bazaar, India, 1921
Vintage gelatin silver, printed 1921

clip_image030[4] The Old Keeper of the Pearl Mosque, Agra, India, 1921

clip_image031[4] Train, India, 1921
Vintage gelatin silver, printed 1921

clip_image001[6]Riga in the 1920s


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