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Bob Sacha was born in Buffalo, NY.
He graduated Phi Beta Kappa, magnum cum laude, from Syracuse University with a dual degree in psychology and photojournalism. After graduation he worked for the Pulitzer Prize-winning Philadelphia Inquirer before moving to ABC Television News in NY.

 © Bob Sacha / LUZphoto © Bob Sacha / LUZphoto © Bob Sacha / LUZphoto  © Bob Sacha / LUZphotoLand reclamation. Hong Kong © Bob Sacha / LUZphoto
Land reclamation. Hong Kong  
He is an award-winning multimedia producer who also wears the hats of photographer, documentary film maker, editor and teacher. He was a staff producer at the multimedia production studio from 2007-2009, where his multimedia work won awards from the Online News Association, Editor & Publisher, the New York Photo Festival, the White House News Photographers Association and The Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Awards and was nominated for two National News Emmys.

A 4th generation Taro farmer harvests taro root in the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge. Kauai, Hawaii © Bob Sacha / LUZphoto A 4th generation Taro farmer harvests taro root in the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge. Kauai, Hawaii © Bob Sacha/LUZphoto

Along Fairmount Park’s boathouse row, a crew prepares for practice on the Schuylkill River © Bob Sacha / LUZphoto Along Fairmount ParkÕs boathouse row, a crew prepares for practice on the Schuylkill River © Bob Sacha/LUZphoto

Bob Sacha, China China

Bob Sacha, China 1 China

Bob Sacha, China 2China

Before his multimedia career, Bob was a world-traveling, award-winning magazine photojournalist who worked as a contributing photographer at National Geographic Magazine, Life Magazine, Fortune Magazine and on assignment for magazines around the world. Besides producing his own projects, he currently teaches video at The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, is the multimedia coach at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and teaches workshops at the International Center of Photography in NY and also various summer workshops around the world.

Fresh truffles at the 4 start restaurant Guido and the grounds and view from the 5 star relais san maurizo Slow Food

streets of Costiglione d'Asti
Slow Food

wine, whimsey and art combine in the vineyards of Michele Chiarlo in Piemonte, where the SuperBarbara and fine wines are grown amongst sculptures . The vineyards is called Orme su la court. Slow Food

special cows called Bara Puster Taler with a white stripe on their backs: protected species. Familiy has  been making cheese for last 100 years. For the last ten years they've been in this house in the Regional Park in the alps, part of the GTA (Grand Travese Alpi). Regional Park Parco Naturale Orsiera Rocciavre. Their house house is in a part of the park called Poso Tappa GTA ..The Alpeggio Toglie is the name of the house. The Lussiana family has seven kids, and 4 siblings (2 boys, 2 girls) work with the goats and cows along with their father (Their Mom died last year. Kids pictured are Luigi, Dad is Celestino, sisters are Elda (making cheese and cooking lunch, waering glasses) and Maria arrived later (blond hair pulled back)-older sister. They make goat and cow cheese. The most famous is the Cevrin di Coazze, which is a slow food Presidia and is made from half cow and half goat milk. The other famous cheese is Toma made from cows milk, a favorite of Torinese people.  The Family has 140 cows and 70 ngoats. They stay in the mountains for 4 months, heading down with their animals at the end of September to their winter quarters in Glaveno. 
Lussiana family, Borgata Fornello 40, 10094 Glaveno (TO) Slow Food 

Bob Sacha, Slow Food 7 Slow Food

All images © Bob Sacha/LUZphoto

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