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Plossu Bernard (born February 26, 1945 at ADI Lat, southern Vietnam) is a French photographer. The most part of his work consists in travel’s stories.


From 1951 to 1962 he studied in Paris. He started photography early : in 1958, he traveled with his father in the Sahara, with a Kodak Brownie Flash, and in 1965, left for Mexico as a member of an English expedition to photograph the jungles of Chiapas.

café à Montparnasse, 1978

There followed numerous reports in color about Mayan Indians in California in the American West, Nevada..


In 1970, he produced a work about India, where was born the idea of ​​sequences “surbanalistes”, banal sequences that are actually surreal.

daughter manuela

He continues to travel widely, producing many color’s reports, and in 1975, left for his first trip to Niger.

nijar andalousie 1992

In 1983 he began painting and working with the agency Fotowest.

Touaregs, Niger 1975 © Bernard Plossu. Courtesy Galerie Le Réverbère, Lyon

In 1987, tha nks to the French Institute of Naples, he is living on the Stromboli island (Aeolian Islands). The following year, he moved to the island of Lipari with Frances Nunez, then joined by other photographers. Previously, he conducted a series of images of the archipelago published by Arte.

All images © Plossu Bernard


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