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THE WORK- Climate project

The work concentrates on Australiaʼs contribution to global emissions of CO2, and to the effects the country is experiencing as a result of climate change.
Mainstream Australia will not be aware we are the worlds largest emitter of CO2 per head of population. We now emit a staggering 20.58 tonnes per head surpassing the USA in 2009. Much of these emissions are through the burning of coal in order to generate electricity. Australia also exports more coal than any other country, a double whammy one would have thought.
There is no such thing as clean coal, the burning of coal is toxic and extremely harmful to humans and all other life on earth, it also contributes 38% to global CO2 emissions. Coal in Australia is plentiful and extremely cheap, there are hidden costs however; the future of the planet as we know it.
Most of us will not have seen first hand the extent of devastation some parts of the country are undergoing as a result of climate change. Australia is and will continue to be one of the most effected countries in the world once climate change embeds itself forever on the human condition.
These photographs aim to address the disconnect between the often difficult to understand scientific data, misleading media and political misrepresentation and present the viewer with an immediate visual truth.
Michael Hall

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Michael Hall has been a practicing professional photographer for over 20 years. Throughout that time, he has built a considerable reputation in Australia and internationally as both a fine art and commercial photographer. He was selected as Photographer of the Year in 2006 by the Federation of European Photographers, and in 2004 won the Canon New Zealand Architectural Photographer of the Year. More recently, Michael was announced as a fi nalist in the Hasselblad Masters 2009.
His fi ne art work focuses specifi cally on exploring human impact upon the landscape. Michael invests much time and energy in personal photographic projects – projects that engage with compelling and often confronting issues that ultimately affect us all. He is currently undertaking an extensive project to document the causes and effects of climate change to improve ecological awareness around the world.

All images ©  Michael Hall 


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