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Claudio Allia (Catania 1962) is an M.D. Eye Specialist and fine art awards winning photographer actually living and working in Sicily. Since early eighties he has focused most of his creative energies in the music field in quality of music writer and indie jazz/electronic/classical music producer, using his film camera mostly to document his travels and people around the world. Since 2005, captivated by the digital photography technology advent, Claudio started to experiment with new visual and creative approaches into his photographic world, exploring and developing his knowledges in the digital editing field and spacing his body of work from surrealistic or conceptual collections/series up to pure social documentary photography. In the last five years Claudio Allia started to exhibit his own works through personal and collective photographic exhibitions in Italy and around the world and since 2009 he focused some of his personal photographic works/series inside the reality/surreality of the Mathare slum (Nairobi) supporting and promoting humanitarian and aid projects which could improve the life quality and the human rights of the slum wellers.
" I love to feed my mind and my soul with audio/visual emotions and synesthetic perceptions and my favourite aspiration is to be able to solicit the viewer in my photographs through a personal imaginative and/or meditative journey, which may reveal sometimes the sad awareness of our innumerable weaknesses and imperfections.
I experiment a mental and emotional involvement that sometimes ends up revealing within a few hours or even after months of research; that's why my approach with photographic works, can provide various levels of interpretation and transfiguration, levels of expression and communication which in my views may evolve through the use of simple symbolisms up to a complex plot of metaphors and surreal paroxysms. As well sometimes the surrounding reality is capturing me in a simple but intriguing way.
I love to imagine myself as a tipsy tightrope walker, who staggering travels on the thin line which separates the real from surreal."
Photographic works by Claudio Allia have been published on :
Lazagne Magazine, Design D' Autore, Camera obscura journal, BHMA Donna Magazine, Athens Voice Magazine, 2Board The Official Athens Airport Magazine, FAQ (frequently asked questions) magazine, Athinorama magazine, SCREW magazine,, Applied Arts Magazine, London International Ceative Competition 2010 Yearbook, PHOTOESPANA Descubrimientos 2010 Yearbook, Renaissance Photography Prize 2010 Yearbook, KL Photoawards 2010 Yearbook, Photography Masters Cup 2008 Yearbook, PX3 2010 Yearbook, IPA 2007 and 2010 Yearbooks,, CD "Recidivo"/Artist Mario Venuti (Universal Music Italy).

Claudio Allia - Remote Control

clip_image012Claudio Allia - Remote Control

clip_image013Claudio Allia - Remote Control

clip_image015 Claudio Allia - Remote Control

clip_image017 Claudio Allia - Remote Control

clip_image018clip_image019Everydaydream #4

clip_image021 clip_image023 clip_image024 clip_image025 clip_image026
clip_image027Innocence #1

All images © Claudio Allia

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