giovedì 8 agosto 2013


Chrissie has always had an interest in photography. She says a photographic image can expose so many emotions and almost always transcends nations. Images are such a capable and powerful way of exposing situations of conflict and misery throughout the world and offer a compelling means of bringing about change. However, it is only more recently Chrissie says she has enjoyed the privilege of immersing herself in this art form that affords her a personal opportunity for self-expression. For someone such as Chrissie admits to having a completely un-technical mind, she is in awe of the technology that is digital imaging. Chrissie says she finds it difficult to describe that great 'inside thing' gained from creating an instant image that reflects how she feels at the moment of capture. However, if there words to find, 'harmony and 'delight' would spring to mind. Harmony - for at the moment of pressing the shutter Chrissie says she is utterly captivated and absorbed in her subject whatever it might be. Delight! So are so many things delight but encapsulating a precious moment in time such as the light dancing on the mountains an expression on a loved ones face is such a wonderful thing to be able to do.

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All images  © Chrissie Westgate


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