lunedì 16 settembre 2013


“I'm a forward thinking, motivated and creative photographer. My passion for photography grew tremendously over the last ten years. Consequently, my view of the world is affected by it; I look for compositions wherever I am.
I love the beauty of our nature and the modern architecture of the cities at the same time. I try always to capture special moments, variations in light, form/structure, and oftentimes color.
Like any art, photography is a very personal and subjective thing as well.
You are more than welcome to browse my galleries. I hope you enjoy your time here and maybe come back again.
I hope you enjoy my images.” Gerry Pacher

Asturia_A_27228-Gerry_Pacher Birmanie, Inle Lake - Pao woman Blue Monday. Gerry Pache Bretagne_A0027637-Gerry_Pacher Bretagne_A_28303-Gerry_Pacher Colores en las calles de La Habana vieja. Gerry Pacher Escena en la calle. Gerry Pacher Escenas del centro de La Habana. Gerry Pacher Havana_Car_IV_0038-Gerry_Pacher Havana_Girl_IV_4487-Gerry_Pacher Havana_People_IV_1388-Gerry_Pacher Havana_People_IV_9899-Gerry_Pacher Myanmar_A_14508-v2_Gerry_Pacher Lu_H4D_2224-Gerry_Pacher Varanasi_A_29690-Gerry_Pacher-1024x768 Vera_H4D_6889-Gerry_Pacher  Inde, Varanasi - Hard life at Ganga River IVWinter_A_27609-Gerry_Pacher

All images  © Gerry Pacher

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