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Louis Stettner ( born in 1922 ) is a celebrated American photographer whose work includes iconic images of Paris and New York. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but moved to Paris in the 1950s, where he now lives permanently with his family.
Louis has photographed Paris and New York for over 60 years, capturing the changes in the people, culture, and architecture of both cities. Using both black and white and color images, his work documents fleeting moments in the life of the cities, moments that often cannot be recaptured. Stettner has documented the architectural and cultural evolution of Paris and New York, making his archive of thousands of images an important resource. Few photographers have such an extensive archive of both cities, one that includes historic images of each city's most celebrated landmarks and the daily lives of its citizens.
His work has an unforced naturalistic quality to it, as he sought to capture the ordinary, every day lives of his subjects. He was particularly interested in documenting the lives of the working class in each city and he demonstrates much sensitivity in this endeavor, photographing them with great dignity. A limited amount of his work is devoted to still life and landscape images. Additionally, his paintings and sculptures tend to be abstract and in sharp contrast to his clear, vivid photographic images.
As a teenager and young man, Stettner was a regular visitor to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to explore its photographic prints collection. His first camera was a wooden view camera and today he still shoots with film rather than moving to digital images. Stettner studied and taught at the Photo League until he went to Paris after the Second World War. He received his Bachelor of Arts, Photography & Cinema I.D.H.E.C. at Paris University. Throughout his life, he has gotten to know and work with many great photographers. Stettner visited Stieglitz's gallery - An American Place - but was too scared to speak to him. After sending Stieglitz photographs, Stieglitz sent him a handwritten letter of thanks which Stettner cherished. A little later, Stettner visited Paul Strand, who supported his artistic endeavors and encouraged him to continue photography. Later in Paris the two men became friends.
Now in his 80s, he continues to photograph with great energy. Stettner also spends significant time sculpting and painting, as well as mixing his work and “painting” on some of his photographic images.

The reading wall Paris 1951-52 ©Louis Stettner - courtesy Galerie David GuiraudThe Great White Way, Times Square at Night - 1954 Soul of New York, 23rd Street - 1951 SONY DSC On a Dutch Ferry 1951 louis-stettner-20 louis-stettner-26

Born November 7, in Brooklyn, New York
Abraham Lincoln High School, New York
Enlists in the US Army, Military student engineer, Princeton University
Combat photographer in New Guinea, Philippines and Japan
Leaves US Army. Back to New York, becomes member of The Photo League and friend of Sid Grossman, a founder of the League. First meetings with Lewis Hine and Weegee
Moves to Paris. Meets Brassaï, Édouard Boubat, Willy Ronis, Izis and Robert Doisneau. For The Photo League, organizes the first exhibition of postwar French photographs in New York. Travels in Italy
Studies film at the Institut des Hautes Études Cinématographiques (IDHEC), University of Paris
Travels in Spain and Normandy. Regular visits to Brassaï’s apartment, Boulevard St.-Jaques
First exhibition at the “Salon des Indépendants," Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. Freelance photographer for Time, Fortune, Du, and other journals
Receives a top award from Life magazine in a young photographers contest
Meets regularly with Paul Strand in Paris
Creative Photography fellowships in Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, New York
Professor at Brooklyn College, Queens College and Cooper Union, New York
Writes “Speaking Out” (later entitled “A Humanist View”), a monthly column of photography criticism for Camera 35
Gives up freelance and advertising work
Professor of art at C.W. Post Center, Long Island University
Creative Artists Public Service (CAPS) Grant for the Workers series
First Prize in the Pravda World Contest
Lectures at International Center of Photography (ICP), New York
Continues to photograph in USA and Europe. Works on series of still lifes, nudes and landscapes.
Works from January to August on The Bowery series
Starts the Seine series and the Manhattan Wall series
Settles in Saint-Ouen, near Paris
Numerous series, among them the Héros de Métro, Têtes de Louvre and Marché aux Puces.
Makes bronze sculptures, works on assemblages, paints and incorporates painting with photography. Continues to photograph in the streets of Europe and America.

painting_03_xl painting_02_xl painting_15_xl painting_24_xl painting_27_xl painting_30_xl painting_32_xl

Selected Solo Exhibitions
Limelight Gallery, New York
E. Leitz Gallery, New York
Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Village Camera Club, New York
International Museum of Photography, George Eastman House, Rochester, New York
Neikrug Gallery, New York
Gallery 1199, New York
Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, Montana
Milwaukee Center for Photography
Photographer’s Gallery, London
Berner Photo-Galerie, Bern Midtown Y Gallery, New York
Neikrug Gallery, New York
Centre de la Photographie, Geneva
Photofind Gallery, New York
Photofind Gallery, New York
Union Square Gallery, New York
Comptoir de la Photographie, Paris
Kate Heller Gallery, London
Galerie Berenson, Berlin
Galerie Agathe Gaillard, Paris
Galería Zaragoza, Spain
Vision Gallery, San Francisco
Centre de la Photographie, Geneva
Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York
Photography Gallery, Málaga
Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York
Espace 1789, Saint-Ouen
E.J. Klejman, Saint-Ouen
Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum, Aachen (catalogue)
Galerie Marion Meyer, Paris
Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York
Philippe Laumont Gallery, New York
Galerie Marion Meyer, Paris
Tatar/Alexander Gallery, Toronto
"Louis Stettner: Photographies – Peintures – Sculptures" La Galerie du Saint – James, Bouliac, France
"Wisdom Cries Out in the Streets," Marrakech "Tresor des Rues"; Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York, NY
Retrospective, Base sous-marine, (Photographs, paintings, and sculpture), Bordeaux
Paris/ New York, Johanne Breede Gallery, Berlin
AD-Galerie, (Photographs, paintings, and sculpture), Genolier, Switzerland (May)
Selected Group Exhibitions
“Salon des Indépendants,” Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
"Subjektive Fotografie," Saarbrüken
"Photography in the Fine Arts," The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
“The Camera as Witness,” Expo ’67, Montreal
Witkin Gallery, New York
Photograph Gallery, New York
“Die fotografische Sammlung,” Museum Folkwang, Essen
”Subjective Photography: Images of the 50’s,” San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, traveled to University of Houston, Texas; Museum Folkwang, Edden (catalogue); Västerbottons Museum, Umeå, Sweden; Kulturhuset, Stockholm; Saarland Museum, Saarbrücken; Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
“City Lights,” International Center of Photography, New York
“Master Photographs from Photography in Fine Arts 1959-67,” International Center of Photography, New York
“American Photographs 1940-1990,” Museum voor Fotografie, Antwerp (catalogue)
“84-94,” Centre de la Photographie, Geneva
“Paris-Fotografien: Dick Arentz, Ilse Bing, Brassaï, André Kertesz, Inge Morath, Louis Stettner, Sabine Weiss,” Galerie Utermann, Dortmund
”City of Ambition,” Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
"Full House: Views of the Whitney's Collection at 75," Whitney
Museum of American Art, New York
Selected Books and Portfolios
Paris-New York, portfolio of 10 photographs, introduction by Brassaï (Paris: Two Cities Publications, 1949)
Workers, portfolio of 24 photographs (New York: Stettner Studio 1974)
Women, portfolio of 22 photographs (New York: Stettner Studio 1976)
Sur le Tas, book of 156 photographs introduction by François Cavanna (Paris: Cercle d’Art, 1979)
Early Joys : Photographs from 1947-1972, introduction by Brassaï (New York: Janet Iffland Publisher, 1987)
Sous le ciel de Paris, introduction by François Cavanna (Paris : Parigramme, 1994)
Louis Stettner’s New York 1950s-1990s, introduction by Barbara Einzig (New York: Rizzoli, 1996)
Louis Stettner, introuctions by François Bernheim (Paris : Nathan, Collection Photo Poche, 1998)
Selected Essays and Books by Louis Stettner
35mm Photography, editor (U.S. Camera Co., 1956)
History of the Nude in American Photography, editor (New York: Fawcett Publications, 1966)
Weegee the Famous, editor (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1978)
“Cézanne’s Apple and the Photo League,” Aperture, no. 112 (Fall 1988), pp. 14-35
Recent Reference Works
Michèle and Michel Auer, Encyclopédie de la Photographie (Geneva : Editions Camera Obscura, 1985)
Le Dictionnnaire Mondial de la Photographie (Paris : Larousse, 1994)
Keith F. Davis, An American Century of Photography (New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1998)
3 4 artwork_images_117434_165759_louis-stettner Avenue de Chatillon (Avenue jean Moulin) Paris 1947. ©Louis Stettner - courtesy Galerie David Guiraud Bric a Brac, Rue Jacob, Paris 1949 louis stetner1 LOUIS STETTNER - Midtown, N.Y.C. 1950-52

All images © Louis Stettner

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